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Heat Pumps


Heat Pump Repairs

Faulty heat pumps can result in further repair costs in future, drops in performance and large energy bills.

Heat pumps can provide a reliable and efficient heating system for your home, but as with anything mechanical it is also best to resolve potential issues before they escalate. 

In addition, with this heat pumps are usually mixed with number of other technologies to extract the maximum efficiency and cost savings. Meaning more holistic approach may be required to identify performance issues or suspected appliance faults

Heat Pump Servicing

In generally heat pumps are very reliable low-maintenance pieces if equipment, however in order to maintain Manufacture Warranty’s and especially on retrofitted systems it’s advisable to keep a regular maintenance schedule to make sure your system is running correctly and efficiently.

Below you will find a list of some generalised checks, checks will vary depending on manufacture and system design.


  • Visually check unit, and clean/remove debris from coils and fans if required.
  • Check ducts for leaks (Air to Water Systems)
  • Visually inspect system for leaks.
  • Clean strainers, filters and check
  • Glycol/Inhibitor levels.
  • Test heating and hot water system functionality and controls.
  • Check flow rates & temperatures.
  • Lubricate moving parts and check refrigerant for leaks.
  • Test electronic components
  • Perform Unvented Hot water cylinder check (If required)