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Home Owner/ Landlord Safety Check


Gas safety checks

Gas safety checks are a key responsibility of every landlord or letting agent in the UK.

These checks ensure the property is safe for its tenants to inhabit, and provide evidence that the gas appliances, fittings, and other safety devices are safe and functioning correctly. Please note these checks should not be confused with a Boiler Service and are designed to offer a limited scope of testing, focusing on safety and compliance.

  • Gas tightness test.
  • Standing and/or working pressure of appliances.
  • Burner pressure/gas rate of alliance to confirm it’s burning the correct amount of gas.
  • Satisfactory provision of ventilation.
  • Correct operation of safety devices.
  • Visual inspection of gas pipework and physical stability of appliances.
  • Visual and audible checks of
  • Smoke & CO Alarms.
  • Flue flow and spillage test to ensure removal of products of combustion (where required)